Debonair Air Board balance scooter

Available in your choice of black, blue, yellow, pink, red or white.

High quality self-balancing scooter – easy to use and environmentally friendly.


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Debonair Air Board available in six stunning colours


debonair airboard
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debonair air board blue
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debonair air board yellow
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Debonair Air Board pink
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Debonair Air Board red
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Debonair Air Board white
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  • Self-balancing 2-wheel electric scooter from Debonair
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very simple and easy to use: Just lean forwards to accelerate, and lean backwards to slow/stop.
  • Two wheels and two motors – which means it is very stable and safe
  • Debonair Air Board weighs just 10kg, so it is very light and portable – take it anywhere!
  • Maximum speed: approx 10km/h
  • Comes with: Samsung battery, protective wheel cover, UK certified plug

Full product description

This excellent self-balancing scooter from Debonair makes getting about easier – just step on and away you go!

Riding the Debonair Air Board is extremely simple and very easy to learn – the stable double-balancing system means you’ll get the hang of it in a matter of minutes.


*Portable: Small and Light, You can take it everywhere.
* High Technology Self Balancing
* Electric Drive and Environment Friendly Design
* Vary with rider’s weight/road condition/temperature
* Tire Size: 170mm
* Maximum Speed: About 10km/h
* Range per Charge: 20km
* Riding Angle: 10°-15°
* Direct Drive Motor: 1000W
* Battery: 36V 4.4ah
* Weight Limit: 100kg * Charge Time: About 90min
* Size: 468*400*165mm(H*L*T)
* Body Weight: 10KG Package Include: 1x Electric Scooter 1x UK Adapter 1x User instruction.


How long does the battery last?
That will depend on how much load you put on the machine, uphill, uneven ground etc… Mine lasted for over 2.5hrs on damp grass.

Only once has it run out on me and I was literally on it from like 6 until 10 and then it started saying low battery

Is this the same as a Swegway?
Yes, and honestly the best place to buy one is Amazon. I’ve had mine and there has been no problems and Amazon is so reliable. Recommend this.

Do they use Samsung batteries?

What warranty does it come with?
12 months

Does the Air Board come with a charger?
Yes. It comes with a charger, a UK plug and high-quality Samsung battery

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